NYC has some Big Municipal 2021 Elections  

Publish on 04/08/2021

By Olayemi Odesanya


Getting involved in our national elections is just as crucial as getting involved in our local ones. This year is the year of elections and voting for new political leadership for New York. As many of us New Yorkers know, the municipal general elections will be held on November 2nd.

The primaries will be held on June 22nd. For NYC 2021 Municipal Election, there are currently fifty-eight seats running for candidacy. Candidates includes individuals running for: City Council, Borough Presidents, Public Advocate, City Comptroller and Mayor.


If you didn’t know, a municipal election is the process of electing a local official representing a particular town or city. Candidacy for this election ranges from Mayor to Civil Court Judges depending on the election year. Nationally, there are more than 30 mayoral elections currently running this year.


Each of these positions play an important role running our city.


City Council Member serves one of the 51 districts throughout the five boroughs. As a member of The New York City Council, their role is to enact the city’s law and administration policies.


An elected official who represents one of five boroughs in New York City is the role of the Borough PresidentA borough president brings awareness of certain social issues the borough may be experiencing to the city’s mayor, or governor.


Public Advocate is a representative who steps in whenever the mayor is unable to perform their duties. Their office assists with city complaints involving government-related services and regulations.


City Comptroller has the role of the chief financial officer and auditor of city agencies. As an auditor, they oversee city agencies and their financial report as well as managing their city’s public pension funds. 


Mayor is the highest-ranked elected official in municipal government of a city. This position oversees all city’s government officials and is the face of the city.


But before the general election, there is still the primary election which is held on June 22nd. The primary election consists of Democratic and Republican candidates. Winners will obviously move forward to the general election in November. 


All seats are up for the City Council District Office. A couple of them are listed below:


City Council District 9

             Bill Perkins

             Joshua Clennon

             Ruth McDaniels
             Kristin Jordan
             Sheba Simpson-Amsterdam


City Council District 10
            James Behr
            Carmen De La Rosa
            Manny De Los Santos
            Angela Fernandez
            Johanna Garcia
            Josue Perez
            Everett Reed
            Nayma Silver



City Council District 14
             Adolfo Abreu
             Socrates Solano 

             Fernando Aquino
             Haile Rivera 
             Pierina Sanchez
             Yudelka Tapia 


City Council District 20
           Hailing Chen
           John Choe
           Sandra Ung
           Neng Wang


City Council District 22

            Andy Aujla

            Evie Hantzopoulos 
            Felicia Kalan
            Tiffany Cabán
            Jesse Cerroti 
            Jaime-Faye Bean
            Leonardo Bullaro



City Council District 25
          Fatima Baryab
          Lucy Cerezo Scully
          Suraj Jaswai
          Shekar Krishnan
           Manuel Perez
           Alfonso Quiroz


City Council District 29
           David Aronov
           Evan Boccardi
           Avi Cyperstein
           Eliseo Labayen 
           Sharon Levy
           Howard Pollack
           Lynn Schulman
           Edwin Wong



City Council District 32

             Shaeleigh Severino
             Felicia Singh

             Kaled Alamarie
             Ruben Cruz

             Kenichi Wilson
             Michael Scala

City Council District 42


Charles Barron
Wilfredo Florentino
Nikki Lucas
Gena Watson




*Some of City Council Members were elected earlier in year.


Listed below is the complete list of the candidates running for the City Council District:



Bronx Borough President

Fernando Cabrera
Nathalia Fernandez 
Vanessa Gibson
Victor Gutierrez
Rafael Salamanca

Brooklyn Borough President

Robert Cornegy Jr.
Kimberly Council
Khari Edwards
Mathieu Eugene
Pearlene Fields
Antonio Reynoso
Jo Anne Simon
Lamor Whitehead-Miller

Manhattan Borough President

Lindsey Boylan
Elizabeth Caputo 
Brad Hoylman
Benjamin Kallos
Mark Levine
Guillermo Perez
Kimberly Watkins 

Queen Borough President

             Elizabeth Crowley
             Donovan Richards
             Jimmy Van Bramer

Staten Island Borough President

Steven Matteo
           Leticia Remauro


Public Advocate


            Jumaane Williams

            Anthony Herbert

            Theo Bruce Chino Tavarez


City Council District 1


Sean Hayes
Denny Salas

Gigi Li

Maud Maron 
Jenny Lam-Low
Christopher Marte
Tiffany Winbush


Primary Election for City Comptroller of New York


Democratic Primary


            Brian Benjamin

            Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

            Zachary Iscol

            Corey Johnson

            Brad Lander

            Terri Liftin

            Chris McNickle

            Alex Pan

            Kevin Parker

            David Weprin


Republican Primary


            Daby Carreras            

            John Tabacco


Primary Election for Mayor of New York


Democratic Primary


Eric Adams

Paperboy Prince
Art Chang

Edward Cullen
Shaun Donovan
Aaron Foldenhauer

Quanda Francis
Scott Stringer

Kathryn Garcia

Barbara Kavovit

Raymond McGuire
Dianne Morales

Isaac Wright Jr.
Andrew Yang
Joycelyn Taylor
Maya Wiley


Republican Primary

             Fernando Mateo
             Curtis Sliwa
             William Pepitone



Some special elections were held earlier this year for City Council Districts.


            •           On February 2nd, City Council District Member 24 (James F. Gennaro) was elected.


            •           On February 21st, City Council District Member 31 (Selvena N. Brooks-Powers) was elected.


            •           On March 23rd, City Council Districts Members 11 (Eric Dinowitz) and 15 (Oswald Feliz) were elected.


It’s not too late to register to vote! The deadline is Friday May 28 and early voting begins on Saturday June 12. For more information check out