How to Prepare for the Upcoming Primary Election

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Primary Election

By Olayemi Odesanya

Posted June 2, 2021

While national government elects have prominent roles in our lives, local government officials have a larger impact. The local government determines the city’s policies and legislations. They are in charge of the city’s healthcare plans, crime resolutions, social issues, economy and etc. It is important to elect an official who values and has solutions to your concerns. Which is why voters should start preparing for the upcoming municipal election starting next week Saturday June 12th. If you don’t know where to start, here are few useful tips before the big day!

  • Important Dates to remember. The early voting session starts next Saturday June 12 - Sunday June 20. The primary election day is Tuesday June 22nd. The purpose of the primary election is for voters to select their party’s nominees for the general election. Candidates who win the primaries move on to general election. Elected candidates during the general election become city officials.The general election is Tuesday November 2nd. Keep these dates in your calendar to help you plan accordingly.

  • Know your voting status. Whether you have relocated or you are a first time voter, it is important to know if you are registered and where your polling site is. You can find this out by going to the, calling your local Board of Elections office or visiting your local government office.

  • Decide how you are going to vote. Voters have the option to vote by mail, during the early voting sessions, or on election day. If a NYC voter decides to vote via mail, they are able to request an absent ballot before June 22. Due to Covid-19, all New Yorkers are able to cast their vote via mail. If a NYC voter decides to vote during the early voting session, they can cast their vote during June 12- June 22. And of course, voters can vote on election day June 22. It is important to decide how you will vote to avoid missing important dates.

  • What to bring to the polls. New York voters are required to show identification to cast their vote. To be aware if the polls will accept your ID, contact your local Board of Elections or go to

  • Be aware of any election updates. Voters also have the option to use ranked choice voting during the upcoming primary and special elections. This will be first New York City election using this voting method. Voters can vote up to five candidates and rank them based on their order of preference.

  • Research the candidates. Voters should have knowledge of who is running for what position in the upcoming election. Take the time to learn the law and the importance of each political official. There are currently fifty-eight seats running for candidacy of the upcoming election These positions include City Council, Borough Presidents, Public Advocate, City Comptroller and Mayoral.

  • Become more involved in politics. There are numerous ways for voters to become more involved if they are interested in advocating for their ideal political candidate. Voters can join the political campaign by volunteering, canvassing, phone banking, donating funds to the campaign, handing out flyers and other forms of propaganda.

  • Know your voting rights. Any US citizen who is at least 18 years old is eligible to vote. While the deadline has passed to vote for this month primaries, you can still register for the next upcoming election in November. If you have a New York State ID you can register online or with your local Board of Elections office. If you don’t, you can still complete a voter registration form and send it the Board of Election. Citizens who are 16 can also pre-register to vote!

  • Know your rights part 2! By law, New York City is required to have ballots translated in several languages and have interpreters are available at some poll sites.

Because people are not as interested in municipal elections, the public interest in voting is much lower. This also means there isn’t as much awareness or public broadcasting. Hence why, voting is important. Your personal vote could have bigger impact in the election results than expected. Start preparing for the upcoming municipal election, the early voting starts next week Saturday. For more important, go to